Easy to read Chinese Books for Beginners

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  • Ben Dover Wants to Have a Pet


    Ben Dover and Eileen Dover always wanted to have pets, but their mother does not want to have pets in the house. How does Ben Dover put his words into others’ mouth to win his mother over? Who helps Ben?

    Level: Novice Reader                  Author: Pu-mei Leng

    ISBN 9781946982452

  • Do You Have A Pizza?


    Bobby Chop Bee pesters his friend Nini with the questions about pizza after Nini repeatedly says she does not eat pizza. However, Nini lets him have it when the situation turns to her advantage…
    Level: Novice                    Author: Pu-mei Leng

    ISBN 9781946982421

  • Where Did Bobby Chop Bee Go?


    Bobby’s mom knows he is lying and Nini refuses to back up his lie. When Nini insists on going with the boys after school one day, she finds an easy solution for Bobby. Where did Bobby go?

    Level: Novice                      Author: Pu-mei Leng

  • Whose Birthday Party Is CooL?


    This year Bobby and Nini do not celebrate their birthdays on July 4th together, because neither was born on July 4th. Bobby wants a very cool party for himself. How do they celebrate their birthdays? Whose party is cool?

    Level: Novice               Author: Pu-mei Leng

    ISBN 9781946982445

  • Willy Goat: not easy to be a child


    In this Willy Goat series, it is a collection of 9 different books which depict different aspect of children’s lives. From learning social roles and expectations, developing good habits, getting along with siblings, making friends, following rules, advocating for his needs and cultivating empathy… Willy is like every other child in the world who runs into many different problems and learn how to solve them one at a time as he is growing up.
    This series (book 1 – 9) contains 100% HSK level 1 required vocabulary.
    Targeted proficiency levels: Novice low, Novice mid, Novice high & Intermediate low.

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