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  • Weather Report Poster Chinese English


    The weather report poster can assist you to provide comprehensible and compelling input at your fingertips.

  • Wheel of Collaborative Storytelling Poster Chinese


    Desiring to create collaborative storytelling like a pro?  The Wheel of Collaborative Storytelling poster brings down an advanced level skill and makes it easy for you!

  • Wheel of Collaborative Storytelling poster English


    Desiring to create collaborative storytelling like a pro?  The Wheel of Collaborative Storytelling poster brings down an advanced level skill and makes it easy for you!

  • Wheel of Emotions


    The “Wheel of Emotions” is based on psychologist Robert Plutchik’s work.  It has 3 different versions: English, English and pinyin, English and hanzi.  English version is editable for other language teachers to use as a template.  An extra editable blank version is provided as well.

    Talking about feelings and emotions helps to bring a sense of acceptance and peace to us.  During this turbulent time, let’s be supportive of each other’s emotional needs.


  • Where Did Bobby Chop Bee Go?


    Bobby’s mom knows he is lying and Nini refuses to back up his lie. When Nini insists on going with the boys after school one day, she finds an easy solution for Bobby. Where did Bobby go?

    Level: Novice                      Author: Pu-mei Leng

  • Whose Birthday Party Is CooL?


    This year Bobby and Nini do not celebrate their birthdays on July 4th together, because neither was born on July 4th. Bobby wants a very cool party for himself. How do they celebrate their birthdays? Whose party is cool?

    Level: Novice               Author: Pu-mei Leng

    ISBN 9781946982445

  • Willy Goat: not easy to be a child


    In this Willy Goat series, it is a collection of 9 different books which depict different aspect of children’s lives. From learning social roles and expectations, developing good habits, getting along with siblings, making friends, following rules, advocating for his needs and cultivating empathy… Willy is like every other child in the world who runs into many different problems and learn how to solve them one at a time as he is growing up.
    This series (book 1 – 9) contains 100% HSK level 1 required vocabulary.
    Targeted proficiency levels: Novice low, Novice mid, Novice high & Intermediate low.

  • Wu Dong Changes His Job Again


    Unhappy with his job, Wu Dong starts to search for a job to fulfill his dream. What does his journey lead him to? Does he find one? How is his nagging wife’s reaction?

    Level: Intermediate Reader                 Author: Pu-mei Leng

    ISBN 9781946982469

  • Book 1: I am Beibei/ 我是贝贝


    Beibei is a newcomer to Wonzel Town.  He is cute, but timid.  He really wants to fit in and make friends.  So, who will he become friends with? Will it be the active and energetic Bravo?  Will it be the mischievous and impulsive Piano?  Perhaps it will be the kind, friendly and intelligent Xingxing?  What about the beautiful but sensitive Xiaotian?  Or the mysterious and distant black cat called “13”?

    Paperback book.

  • Book 2: Dylan’s Birthday/ Dylan 的生日


    Dylan’s birthday is coming up and everybody is excited.  Bravo and Feifei long for the birthday feast everyday. Piano is looking forward to all the fun. Beibei is still curious about the mysterious “13” who is the only one Beibei is not friends with. He wonders about 13’s distance. Beibei soon discovers an unacceptable stigma in Wonzel Town – a black cat is viewed as unlucky here!  Elves, which is 13’s real name, was abandoned by his owner right after his mom named him! Beibei is determined to break the stigma.  Can he succeed?  Will Elves become his friend?  Will Elves eventually become accepted by others?

    Paperback book.

  • Book 3: Elves’ Home/ Elves 的家


    “Who are Elves’ family – his mom and his 12 siblings?” the townspeople whisper. Elves’ new friends go on a quest to find his family.  Will Elves reunite with his family?  Will his previous owner accept him back in?  Is the quest in vain? What if no one from his past can be found?

    Paperback book.

  • Book 4: It’s School Time
    / 开学了


    Besides the obvious catwalk, meowing, and purring, what else do cats go to school for?  Do they take a strategy class in order to survive from their enemies or to become a successful predator?  Should they jump on the trendy bandwagon and take Chinese?  Who would succeed in the classroom?  Who wouldn’t?

    Paperback book.

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